Albion Infinesse Melt Release Cleansing Oil, you MUST use something face washes too!

In SS2018, Albion changed the Infinesse White line, and Albion Infinesse Melting Deep Cleanse IA, a makeup remover is changed to Infinesse Melt Release Cleansing Oil.

In previous formula, it was not a cream but a gel.

In this formula of 2018, here you are.

Albion Infinesse oil

Gel like oil. Remember, I told you that

Let me apply on my makeup. My makeup were,

I forgot to take a shot of the original makeup, but what I wanted to tell is the Coffret D’or Super Sharp is the very waterproof eyeliner. In previous formula, it needed to “massage” many times to remove my waterproof makeups. I had expected it does not so much remove waterproof makeups.

It’s a thick jelly that starts to melt as soon as it touches your warm skin. The product applied smoothly to my face. Sadly, it did not remove all of my facial makeup.

After wiping few times, you know, it is not removed even THREE Lyrical Lip Bloom or Eyeliner by Lunasol.

Albion Infinesse removing

You know, often, I wear long-lasting makeup. This cleanser was not deep enough for me. If someone wears only a bit of makeup ? powder and check color ? I believe it might work better for that type of makeup removal.

Ok, after extra few times wiping. Here you are.

Albion Infinesse Makeup Remover

See the top of the picture, there’re “S U” are left, it is removed with rinsing and washing by my face wash.

It removes my makeup well, but I had thought I should not use this when I use waterproof items.

After using this makeup remover, I used the Brightening Force Wash, a face wash, released the same time with this makeup remover. Fortunately, it cleaned off the this remover and most of my makeup. When I used the Brightening Force Wash as the only makeup remover, it felt good but is not enough for me. Finally, I tried using a makeup remover that worked well in the past and followed with the face wash. The very double cleansing of Japanese Makeup Removal Method.

I am not remember so much whether the previous formula made my face dry or not. When applied this formula of makeup remover on my face, I found my face is coming to be drier and tight. My face wash is the same as usual, I conclude this makeup remover made my face drier.

Totally to say, this makeup remover is not for my demand of good removal but not making my face dry.

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