Awake Vital Express, Vitamin C powder-emulsion is unique!!!

Awake Vital Express is the very one of the most ordered items for us, and they often repeat this.

This product is already discontinued on Feb 2018. Indeed as of Jan 2019, we found that Awake fulfilled this Awake Vital Express on their stock, officially. We are not sure how long they are going to keep fulfilling, and also when these Vital Express is produced.

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I had used this for almost 3 weeks, and I (Cherry) found the reason why you buy it and repeat.

This is a Vitamin C powder, and talking with others, I doubted some of you could misunderstand this as edible Vitamin C. This is a cosmetic.

There are only 4 small bottles in one box. In our Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box, we put it one bottle each, but usually, we never sell this one bottle only.

We chose it as one of the items for our Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box: Oct 2015. We are checking whether the packages are delivered, and seems some of you are going to obtain it pretty soon.

We were also asked by one of the customers how to use in English. Oh, this one you are talking about.

  1. Take this powder on your palm. The quantity is almost 1.5cm across
  2. Touch your the other hand softly to take
  3. Apply your face. It is effective when you massage pull your face line up

Let me show you.

1. Take it on my palm.
In this stage, it is just a powder.

2. Do not push it too much!
Just touch by your fingers. When you push pretty much, it comes to emulsion. When it is like this, you are touching too strong!

When you keep touching…

Gone. Gone into my palm. If you wanna use this Vitamin C powder what is not pretty much cheap to your palm, this is the best way. I wanna apply this to my problem parts, I need to take this powder by my right hands and touch softly.

How do Cherry feel??

I am using this since 1st of Oct. Just few days ago, I got “crush” by Astalift. My skin condition is not pretty good, but let me show you to compare.

Because my skin condition was not pretty good, I did not shave my face on 17th of Oct 🙁 (embarrassing!!)

I am feeling some of my big problems, like red & blue circles, it is not red now. They are post-inflammatory pigmentation, and coming to freckles, I am afraid of, but but it is getting much better condition. The white circle is one of the things the most easy to see, still there are red, but I am feeling it is much better condition.

It was my general condition of 1st of Sep, I was just after the dehydration because of my stomach, it was terrible. And in 17th of Oct, it was really the next day of crush by Astalift. I felt it was terrible. On 14th or so, I had felt it was QUITE good. But you may see my skin is coming to (a little bit) smoother. I am keeping my Lactobacillus & Vitamin C, guess finally it is working well. But I am feeling after using this Awake Vital Express, it is getting better and better. I can not promise it is also working well for your problem, but I am feeling it is good for me.

For almost 3 weeks, I am using almost the same quantity with the picture I had shown. Basically I do on morning & night, sometimes I do on night only. Seems there are more than half quantity are still on the bottle. I guess I may use one bottle for more than one month. Yeah, the repeaters are often order one every 5-6 months.

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, “my acne is gone one night after I applied it”, “my pore is going to smaller!” “Supple Skin!”, but also “it was fun to see powder is coming to emulsion, but it is too expensive to keep using” or “I do not think it is working”.

I applied this on my acne, hmm, I do not know whether it is working or not. Hope it will also work for my pores!

Sarah Says

Cherry asked Sarah of Hong Kong to use and tell us how she feel.

Let’s hear Sarah!

I’ve used a Hong Kong-based brand Vit. C powder for over a year and I’ve loved it because I do see that my facial skin has a delayed aging process. Particularly I feel I got wrinkles less quickly than people of my age (well, though this may just be I’m just feeling good about myself. LOL).

When I first heard of Awake Vita Express I was so surprised and worried whether it was going to work. I use my local brand with oil as a solvent. With Awake nothing is needed, how can it be?

The powder is very fine.

I didn’t have a mirror in front of me when I used the powder, but I could feel my skin did absorb it well (though I felt quite insecure- where did the powder go?). I guess it was the moist in my face that took in the powder. I personally like using it with oil, though I’m not sure if it’ll compromise the chemistry.

I’m quite impressed that my skin quickly feels smoother as if the powder had filled in the pores. It’s perfect when my skin is quite rough after washing. I’m so looking forward to seeing the effect in a month or so.

Is it just me that I feel I need to use at least 2 cm more than the 1.5 cm Cherry suggested? Maybe coz my skin is drier?

Thank you Sarah! Yeah, use as you want!!

As Japanese eyes, people in Hong Kong looks really younger in their 20s. They often looks really old after they passed 30s. Maybe we Japanese DO makeup to hide our aging, but they don’t do that like us. You can say we are doing too much 😀

In my first met, Sarah was mid 20s, and I was early 20s. She looked like a teenage 🙂 Sarah is mid 30s now but still looks like 20s, and I did not find any wrinkles on her face!

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Please check the latest price and order in here: “Awake Previous Formula