THREE Aiming Emulsion made my skin moisturized pretty well

THREE Aiming line is new for AW2017. I bought a trial kit.

Today, I tell you about my experience and feeling about THREE Aiming Emulsion.

Before talking about my review, I need to let you know. I know there is an audience/ customer who has a problem in her hormone, or pregnant, this ”Aiming” and “Concentrate” is not for you.

As I had mentioned, THREE Aiming Lotion is not good for my regular, but nice to alternate to change my feeling. I did not so much hesitate to use this emulsion.

There is a picture, just opened the tube.

THREE Aming Emulsion

Hmm… it really looked as if it is opened and used. Hmm… I am wondering whether it is the “unique” point for entire this THREE Aiming Emulsion or not… But please do not worry. The full bottle is a pump.

Anyway, back to my review.

THREE Emulsion

The scent is the same with THREE Aiming Lotion. A little bit spicy scent of essential oils, probably especially Fennel and Geranium. I like it 🙂

This emulsion itself is smoother than I had thought, but it is oily. Seems this product is made from Glycerin, they are including Tea seed oil, Jojoba oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Olive oil, Meadowfoam oil, Cranberry seed oil, and Argan oil.

The finish is smoother than I had expected, and moisturized really well. I have a supple skin, and I am not looking for a function of supple/ plump, I can not describe that.

Fortunately, there are no problem of irritation. Indeed the same with Aiming Lotion, I need note that my skin condition is pretty good now. I have no plan to let it my regular, as the Aiming Lotion, this Aiming Emulsion is one of the alternate items to change my feeling 🙂

Please check the latest price, and order from here:” THREE Aiming Line”.