THREE Aiming Lotion is with a spicy scent, and I like it!

THREE had released new line of “Aiming”. It is a “holistic” aging care line.

I bought a trial set and let you know about this line.

At first, as of 2017, THREE’s best seller line of “Balancing” is too strong for me. I was looking for a small bottles set or something for my vacation. Some of the audiences/ customers asked me about the Aiming line, as I told them, because “Balancing” is too strong for me, and hesitate to use “Aiming”. One of the girls working for me told me, she is going to use if it is too strong for me 😀

In Aiming kit, there are makeup remover, face wash, lotion, emulsion, and cream.

Today, I will show you my experience of Aming Lotion.

The lotion gives off distinctive fragrance as if to remind the skin of the days when it moisturized itself at its disposal.
It gently and smoothly fits the skin which shows the sign of getting dry to comfortably make the skin healthy and well-balanced.
It makes the skin supple and plump, bringing brightness with transparency.


I am a person who does not so much care about cosmetic companies are insisting. Indeed I paid attention they are saying  in Japanese HP that “do not use this line, as long as you are a pregnant”. I know there is an audience who have a problem in her hormone control. I suppose this line (and the “Concentrate” ) are not for her.

Anyway, let me use.

THREE Lotion

The scent of something essential oils, especially Fennel oil & Geranium oil are stronger than I had expected. The mix is a little bit spicy, as if there is Ginger oil is within. I like eating gingers, but as a cosmetic ingredient, it is often too much, and brings me a sting or irritation. Generally I like the scent, but what I wanna say is simply it can be also too strong for me.

Applying on my face with hesitating.

The lotion itself is simply watery. But on my face, it is a little bit sticky. I wrapped my face with my hands, there are coming to smooth and moisturized well.

The irritation/ pain/ sting what I was worried, there are nothing to tell you. Indeed I also need to let you know that my skin condition is pretty good now. I guess I should not keep using while my skin condition is bad, or unstable. In addition, as a small bottle for my vacation, I do not bring it. I need reliable products because it will be drier in the room, and my skin can be turning to more drier and unstable. I may bring RED B.A.

As you know it is boring with keep using the same products, in person, this Aming Lotion is not my regular, but ideal to alternate to change my feeling 🙂

Please check the latest price, and order from here:” THREE Aiming Line”.