Awake Vital Express Lotion Serum A and Awake Vital Express made a difference in just a few days for Lukin

Cherry asked Lukin to review Awake Vital Express Lotion Serum A and Awake Vital Express.

Let’s hear what Lukin says! She forgot to take photos, the photos are by Cherry 🙂

Awake Vital Express Brand

A lot of products talk about Vitamins A, C, and E all the time but honestly I wasn’t sure what each of these vitamins were in some many skincare items. I did some internet research. I am NOT a doctor and this just an easy
reference to understand what might work for *my* skin.

  • VITAMIN A: improves skin texture, smoothness (retinol)
  • VITAMIN C: brightens skin tone and minimizes discoloration
  • VITAMIN E: antioxidant protection and prevents skin dryness

Awake Vital Express brand was recommended to me after I expressed concerns about clogged pores and dull skin. Also, I am always looking for products with anti-aging qualities.

The way to use

I used the Awake Vital Express Lotion Serum A and Awake Vital Express, the powder to emulsion Vitamin-C twice a day for twelve (days), stopped using both products for three (3) days, and starting using them again for two (2) days.

The Lotion Serum A has the consistency of water — like a toner.

The lotion has a fairly strong scent. It reminds me of green herbs and a bit of soft flowers. Fortunately, the scent dissipates after about 10-15 minutes. The lotion absorbed quickly and did not sting.

Next, I applied Awake’s Vital Express Vitamin-C powder to emulsion. I used it over my entire face but made certain I placed the products on my lower checks (near my neck). This is were I have some discoloration – sun damage.

Before I continue, I have a suggestion for someone who wants to try these products. If you cannot read Japanese, it is important to understand *how* to use each product. If you purchase something from Cherry’s Japanese
Cosmetics, you can ask questions about the products. I should have read Cherry’s personal review of the Vitamin-C powder first.

Awake Vital Express, Unique product

Let me explain, the powder-to-emulsion Vitamin-C is different than any skincare product that I have tried. The product pours out of the bottle like a dry powder.

When you touch the powder, it quickly becomes liquid-like and feels a bit sticky.

When *I* used this product, I poured too much into my palm. Then I pushed my palms together and patted my palms against my face. This is a waste! I finished the vitamin-C powder after about 15 uses. The Lotion Serum A still has product after using it twice a day for more than 20 days.


How it changed my skin

Back to the review… I really like Awake Vital Express Lotion Serum A and Vital Express, the Vitamin-C powder products! For my skin, it made a difference on my facial skin in just a few days. Honestly, I did not believe the watery lotion and sticky emulsion would do anything special. I was wrong!

First Evening

The first evening I asked my husband to look at my face after using the Awake products. I wanted to have a before and after understanding but not any photographs!

Day 4 & 5

By day four (4), my skin looked clearer, more even-toned, and almost every blemish (pimple) was gone or almost gone. On night five (5), I asked my husband if he noticed any difference in my skin. Maybe I should have taken a photograph because he said he “didn’t remember.” I asked him to look closely for any changes. He said my skin looked less red. Hooray! The pimples were gone and healing.

Day 6

The next day, day six (6), I was so pleased with my complexion, I actually asked a co-worker if *she* noticed a difference. She did not know that I was trying new skincare. She carefully studied my face and stated that it looked “smoother” than before. Yes!

Day 10

After about ten (10) days, I decided to test the Awake Vital Express lotion Serum A and powder Vitamin-C products performance. As with many women, my skin behaves better sometimes. I wanted to see if the “less red” and “smoother” results were a coincidence or if it was indeed the lotion and powder.

Stopped using

I stopped using both Awake products for about three (3) days. My facial skin seemed a bit dull, and I noticed more clogged pores. I decided I must start using the Awake products immediately. By the next day, my skin was improving after two (2) applications!

As I mentioned, I did not use the vitamin-C powder correctly, so I ran out of that product while I still had the lotion Serum A. I have continued to use the lotion. I can tell I have not used the powder-to-emulsion for a few days. Once again, I have noticed a few more clogged pores. ick!

Bottom Line

To summarize my experience, the two Awake Vital Express products are great!

The lotion and powder made a difference in the texture, clarity, and even-tone of my skin. This was visible to other people.

The cons of the products include:
1. expensive. By misusing the vitamin-C powder, I wasted product.
2. the fragrance of the lotion is not pleasant (goes away
3. The results were good but went away when I stopped using the
products. I guess that is also a pro!

Also, I felt like I wore less base makeup. My true skin was clear enough that I only used a bit of tinted powder! I recommend Awake Vital Express lotion Serum A and Vital Express, the Vitamin-C powder.

Thank you Lukin!

Here is a note by Cherry. I gave Lukin a bottle of Vital Express Lotion Serum A is a mini/ trial size, 30ml only. The full bottle is 120ml.

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