Awake Vital Express Lotion Serum A is a Retinol lotion without irritation

Review by Cherry

When I (Cherry) bought few boxes of Awake Vital Express for myself (to ask review Sarah and Lukin ), I obtained mini size of Awake Vital Express Lotion Serum A. One was for Lukin, the other was for me.

Please see also Lukin’s Personal review of Awake Vital Express Lotion Serum A and Awake Vital Express

This is a full bottle what I bought for myself.

I love Awake Vital Express so much, but to be honest, other products by Awake, often they are too strong for my skin. It’s so sad.

you can guess easily that I hesitated to use this.

Seems it was good for Lukin, it is a time to use by myself.

They say this lotion is including Vitamin A as Retinol.

It is famous as the effect of pealing, I was scared. I applied this lotion on my knees (!!!),  but seemed less effect. My knees are drier, because of the season, it is with white powder, if I do not use anything 🙁

I applied this on my face few by few, for me, there are no sting. And I did neither find pealing effect. I do not know whether it is good or not… I wonder if I should use this everyday, or every few days, or every few weeks…

Seems this product was good for Lukin, but for me, I do not find anything. It may be because I do not , no, I can not use this lotion constantly.

Lukin had mentioned about the perfume. Yeah, there are perfume too. But remember, it gone quickly, and less stronger than Albion products.

Review by Hazelnuts

I received a small bottle of Awake Vital Express Lotion Serum A from Cherry, just to see if it works with my skin.

Being in my 30s I’m interested in anti-aging products, and this one seems to fit that description. It has a concentrated form of retinol plus Vitamins C and E, and is meant to exfoliate and brighten the skin.

I have used retinol from other skincare brands, and one of my concerns is that it can be drying for the skin, so I need to moisturizer properly after.

This lotion/serum has a thin and watery consistency. It’s quite light and is absorbed easily on the skin. It also has a very faint scent of cologne. Yes! I find it quite pleasant, I wouldn’t judge this as an anti-aging product based from its scent.

Despite its watery texture, I found this lotion to be quite moist for my skin. After applying, my skin felt soft. This is definitely more moisturizing compared to the traditional retinol creams I’ve tried.

Another plus for this product is that it does not sting upon application. Usually with retinol creams or serums, I feel a slight tingling sensation or a bit of redness after applying. I did not experience that with Awake Vital Express Lotion Serum A.

So, it felt moist, watery and it does not sting when it’s applied. Judging from those three it seems that it can only moisturize, but I still don’t know if it really does help in making the skin radiant and smooth.

But it does work for me. After a week, I noticed that it makes my skin clear, and it dries up small blemishes. It does this effectively without the harsh sting or redness associated with retinol products. I also did not experience any kind of peeling with this, which can be an annoying side effect. this product seems mild enough for my skin, but it still works.

I have to say that this is a good product if you’re looking for a retinol-based lotion or serum without the sting or peeling. I think it also works well if you’re skin is dull or oily, and you need something that will help refine and smooth your skin.


Thank you Hazelnuts!


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