Shiseido Haku Melanoshield Mask is unique divided sheet mask

It is really sunny and hot, 35C degrees or something, typical Japanese Summer.

I wear my sunscreen, but sometimes I feel it is running out because of my sweat.

I do not want to be tanned, and I am using some “brightening” items.

This Shiseido Haku Melanoshieled Mask is one of them. It is including  4MSK & m-Tranexamic acid.Shiseido Haky Melanoshield Mask

This sheet mask is unique: divided 2 sheets are in one divided package.

If you often use sheet masks, it maybe not always easy to apply sheets on your face.

Shiseido haku Sheet Mask

I guess it is my first time to using these divided sheet masks, and It was easier to apply on my face.

It is not cheap price, and I had expected it can be “rich” sheet masks like Fancl Whitening Mask, Shiseido Bénéfique Mask Power Repair, and Albion Excia AL EXTREME CHARGE SERUM MASK.

To be honest, I was disappointed the sheet quality and the essence. The sheet itself is better than Taiwanese famous “My Beauty Diary” what I used to buying when I visit Taiwan, but not enough 10 times expensive quality. It is only one benefit that is the divided design.

The essence may be better than Transino Medicated Whitening Facial Mask, I am sure, the quantity is good, and after 10 mins on my face I could wipe my body by the sheets, (oh you do not do that? why not?)

I did not feel any sting by this, and it is nice. I was happy to feel my skin was well moisturized. To be honest, I do not know whether my skin is turning to brighten 🙂

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, some says they found their skin is brighten, wow.

Please check the latest price, and order from here:Shiseido Haku Melanoshield Mask, or order in JPY Branch!