Personal Review of Cosme Decorte AQ Meliority Intensive Cream

I (Cherry) go a sample of Cosme Decorte AQ Meliority Intensive Cream. Let me share with my review.

At first, this cream is far from affordable price. If you are looking for something affordable price, like the price zone of USD300, this is not for you. It is more the USD1,000, and the price is no joke.

Anyway, let me back to the review.
AQ Intensive Cream
According to the BC of Cosme Decorte, a celebrity in Japan who had injured her face by accident, she is crazy about this cream. I do not feel she is neither nice nor beautiful, but I respect her attitude to (trying) being beauty. As I remember, just a decade ago, she got huge injured her face. She got good cosmetic surgery to recover her face, and now seeing TV or magazines, she is just aging. She is doing makeup really good, but if you know someone who have surgery on their face, when you look their face carefully, you may find the surgery marks. She also got mark, and she is using this cream to repair her scar mark. This story is by BC, and I do not know whether it is true or not.

I am a person who do not hear BC’s those stories especially “XXX science” or something, sometimes they say “genie things”. But in this time, she did not say such a thing. Just that person is crazy about this. Who can stop exciting after hearing such a story.

The perfume is the same with AQ Meliority, but a little but sweeten for me. Not pretty much strong, and I liked it.

The cream itself is rich one. On my palm, it was not melting, but not pretty much hard one.

I was pretty much excited to apply. But maybe I was too excited πŸ™‚ It was a sample.
I felt it is a little bit oilier, and I did used whole line when I used this: AQ Meliority Foaming Wash, AQ Meliority Repairing Emulsion, AQ Meliority Repairing Lotion, and finally this cream.

To be honest, Emulsion was not enough, lotion was nice. After Emulsion and Lotion, I applied this cream. When I used Emulsion as I wanted, it might be too much oily with this cream for my skin. After applying this product, I did not neither using sunscreen nor makeup. Some face creams, my face are coming to really oily or not pretty much moist. With this cream, every hours, I felt my skin condition is a little bit drier, but keeping lifting up. It should be better to use as night cream. I guess I might feel really smooth (not sticky) in morning.

Seeing what Japanese reviewers are saying, at first they mention about price! Yeah… And according to them, after applying this cream for one week, even 30s ladies found herself the face with few years ago. Wow. For me, I just used one package of a sample, it never happened.

Totally to say, I liked this, but yeah… too expensive for me.

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