DHC Deep Cleansing Oil removes well

We often have orders of DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, but I (Cherry) had not tried this makeup remover.

I bought a small bottle (which we do not deal. Wanna have? Please order more than USD500 or JPY50,000 and ask us) for myself, and tried.


Here is my makeup in this time.

Foundation: Albion Excia AL
Eyeshadow: SUQQU
Eyeliner: THREE
Lip: Chicca
Mascara: Facio
Letters: Coffret D’or (WATERPROOF!)

Let me drop this oil on my arm.
Oh, my eyeshadows are almost melting, but THREE Flash Performance Eyeliner what is waterproof is still left.

Gently massaged.
Nice, this is enough, and it took only few seconds.

Usually, I add water few by few to make emulsion to remove. In this time, I just wiped by tissue.


HA! Nothing are left. Of course, I can see some “black” color are left whole of my arm, but they are super easy to remove after face wash.

I guess this is one of the most easy to remove my makeup. And when I add water few by few to remove oils, I feel there are almost nothing are left. I feel something sticky with some makeup removers, and I know some people will say “this makeup remover moist my skin”, but that’s not I am looking for.

There is one inconvenient thing: I can not use this oil with wet hands. You have to use dry hands for dry face. But it is only one negative point for me.

This makeup remover does not make my skin so much dry, no wired perfume, it is super easy to remover my waterproof makeup, and  I feel my skin is just cleared.

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