SUQQU Smooth Cover Primer is perfect to “Natural Makeup”

In SS2021, SUQQU changed a formula of a foundation primer for a powder foundation, from “SUQQU Refining Primer” to “Smooth Cover Primer”.  It may be designed as fitting to powder foundations.

Previous formula was not allowed to ship due to the postal and aviation regulations, and we can not deal. But in this formula, SUQQU said it is allowed. We are dealing it.

Applying this primer on my bare arm, there are no scent, and was a little bit surprised that this primer is really runny.

SUQQU Smooth

You may see my skin tone is uneven, and because I am a living person, it is natural.

Applying this on my arm. See, how flawless !!! This look! this look is the very what Japanese girls want to have!!!! Perfectly flawless without anything “glowing” factors.

Sometimes those artificially glowing faces looks greasy or simply oily (in my Japanese eyes), or it reminds me the reason of why she needs to make her skin “glow”,  and it impresses she is elder.

I feel smooth textured skin is elegant.

In this picture above, it looks “perfect”. I noted that there were slight white cast in previous formula, but in this formula, I did not feel that. It is so perfect for my skin tone.

Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, this primer is “no pore primer”. I did not feel that.

Also, I am going to describe about the new powder foundation, it fitted to the SUQQU powder foundation pretty well.

How do you feel about SPF30, PA+++? It is not a waterproof sunscreen, but when my skin is tired, it can be pretty well.

Anyway, this light textured primer can be nice to wearing as a foundation primer. Also, when you don’t want to wear a lot, as long as it fit to your skin tone, it may work as if it was “BB” thing.

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