Elegance Sheer Flawless Skin is a powder foundation with middle – full coverage!

I (Cherry) got a sample of Elegance Sheer Flawless Skin, a powder foundation.

We sometimes asked by our customers to send them foundation samples. I am not pretty much sure in case of other countries, I mean especially the States or Europe, Japanese makers or US or French cosmetic makers in Japan often have limited shades of samples. It can be because Japan is “almost” mono-race country, and there are “less” demands for Ivory or Ebony skin. Even they have some shades, but they do not produce samples for all the shades. When we write “Japanese Standard Shade”, it means there are samples, but there are no samples for others. That is what we can not handle.

In case of Elegance, Look. There are samples for #NA201 and #IV302, but seems #NA201 will be easier to get 🙂

This is #NA201.

Anyway, let me share with my review.

I applied a primer: Albion EXCIA AL CLEARLY WHITE SERUM MX

Elegance Sheer Flawless Skin

Elegance is a branch brand of Albion, and in Albion, #NA201 is quite pinkish, but can you see? It is natural for my arm.

Let me blend on my arm.

Elegance Sheer Flawless Skin NA201

It was a chilly day, my arm was goose skin :(, but you may see is is covering better, I felt it is light to middle coverage.

I also applied Albion Excia AL White Premium Powder Foundation #NA201 to swatch.

share compare Elegance Excia AL

Hmm… It was hard to take photo to swatch. I hope you are seeing upper is more pinkish than lower.

If you felt Albion Excia AL powder foundations #NA201 are too much pink, try Elegance #NA201. Of course the quality of foundations are different, Excia AL is better coverage I guess, but both are natural to matte finish for my skin, and I recommend to choose by shades.

For me, this #NA201 is quite soften pale pink foundation, and I liked I was looked like healthier, and I did not feel it was too pinkish for my face, but I need to admit this is too pinkish for my neck. My neck is more ochre than my face, maybe I had not applied sunscreens on my neck.

It was sad to see it does not cover my pores on my nose. This is the only bad point of this, but there are some primers to hide pores, I should better to use those on my nose with this foundation.

It is Late Spring, it is still drier and 15C – 25C degrees. I walked for 2 hours without sweat like shower. I found my makeup did not run.

I guess if you do not sweat like shower (I do in summer…), this is good for you.

Please check the latest price, and order from here;”Elegance Foundations