Personal Review of Elixer White Cleansing Foam

Let me (Cherry) review about this Elixier white Cleansing Foam. This size is a 35g trial size, and we may update a trial kit.

I wonder whether you can see the orange dots in the white cream. The grains are easy to be broken with pressure. If you want to use it as a scrub face wash, you have no need to press  to break.

It is super easy to make rich bubbles. The perfume is floral, and not so strong for me. As a face wash, it is good one, but there is one big problem for me. This product might be designed for using at summer. It is heat and humid in Japan, and people may want to have feeling of “refresh” with such face wash. I also like it. And what Shiseido did for this face wash?? They add menthol, which irritate my eye area and lips, no pain, just irritated by menthol. This is only one, but huge problem with using this item.

If you like face washes with menthol, this is the one for  you.

Please check the latest price, and order from here;”Shiseido “.