Personal Review of Elixir White Day Care Revolution

I (Cherry) am going to share with you my personal review of Elixir White Day Care Revolution. This size is not for sale now.

This Elixir White Day Care Revolution is not only for elusion/ after items of lotion, but also effective (and with high reputation!) sunscreen. SPF50+, PA+++ is quite enough for usual use.

1 Light

This emulsion is less sticky as such tubed sunscreen like RMK UV Face Protector, Allie’s Gel or Anessa’s Gel sunscreens. It looks like not sunscreen, but just an emulsion.

There are no shining effect like Anessa Gel Sunscreen, and no effect of smoother. Of course you can use this product as your foundation primer, but please remember there are no such effects. The good thing is it never works for your natural skin color.

I often feel pain when I apply sunscreens on my face. With this 1 Light, I felt few pain, but it is gone quickly. The bad point is this perfume. I often wondering why Shiseido add strong perfume in person, but I know it is not pretty stronger than French perfumed sunscreens or BB creams. If you like them, you may also like this smell.

This product has effect of neither waterproof nor water resistance. I sweat a lot, I have to apply it again almost every hour.

Some sunscreens make my skin quite oily or too much dry. But applying this sunscreen, my skin is moist pretty well. It is not oily, but I do not recommend this product for people who has oily skin.

2 Moist 

It looks / smell the same with 1 Light. Foe me, in person, the different points are below.

1) I feel less pain when I apply it on my face.

2) It is more moist than 1 Light, but not pretty much nor oily.

So, in person, I like 2 Moist.

Please check the latest price, choose your favorite type, and order from here; “Elixir White Day Care Revolution“.