Personal review of Fancl Moist & Lift Essence

We gave a sample of Fancl Moist & Lift Essence to Sarah of Hong Kong.

See how she felt.


I’m very keen to try out essence especially because winter is on its way to Hong Kong.

Moist & Lift Essence

The essence has a mild scent and a pale yellowish color.

Fancl Moist & Lift

It feels super (not very, but super) soft. When I push it, it feels a bit greasy but it is quickly absorbed into my facial skin (maybe my face has been very dry?) and the greasy feeling is gone. No doubt it is very moisturizing.

I guess I’ll need more of it to restore my skin’s hydration level. I just have to ‘work’ harder….:_)


Thank you! Sarah!

Note: In Hong Kong, it will be rarely under 10C degrees, and it is 30C degrees in Oct. It’s her Autumn and Winter. But she does not have heaters in her home and office, unlike in Japan. For me, as a Japanese it is not so dry at HK in Jan, but I know some of you do not feel it is dry in Japan πŸ™‚

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