Fancl Overnight Esthe Pack (Formula of 2016) is light night cream but well moisturized me

I (Cherry) am a big fan of this Fancl Overnight Esthe Pack, what is a night cream.

Fancl Over Night Esthe pack

It was one of the items in limited kit of AW 2016. I also buy this bottle only, they often sell those items included in the limited kit, as seasonal limited items, 2-3 months later.

Over Night Esthe Pack

This product is a kind of “pack”, which is a  facial mask without sheet. You have no need to rinse well after that. All you need to do is sleep 🙂

Apply 3 pushes this product on your hand. This quantity might be too little, but I like applying few by few in person (no reason! it may I was spoiled by Albion :D)

I like heavier layer 🙂 And I massage QUITE softly on my face, and sleep.

In my experience, I often feel something sting when I use gels like this one, but no pain with this item.

Anyhow, in morning, my skin turns a little bit softer. I feel this is less oily product. If you are an oil prone, it may be not pretty bad product for you.

This product is not containing perfume, ethanol/ alcohol, nor oil. If you need some kind of facial oils, please apply like Albion’s Herbal Oil Gold or Three’s Conditioning SQ Oil too.

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