Shiseido Benefique Emulsion moisturized well, but need much quantity

I (Cherry) also got samples of Shiseido Benefique Emulsion, I used this after thsir lotion (See also  Personal Review of Shiseido Benefique Lotion)

There are also two types, #01 Light and #02 Moist. Choose as your skin condition.

It including m-Tranexamic acid as a brightening.

#01 Light

Emulsion 1

I have better experience with Benefique. After the lotion, I opened this emulsion without hesitation 🙂


I tool this on a cotton as Shiseido recommends.

Benefique Emulsion1

Probably I am spoiled by Albion. I felt this quantity (full of the package!) is so small. Anyway, I applied this on my half of my face.

I had thought when it is enough, I may put on my other half. As I had thought, it is not enough, I felt. My skin was smooth, but I need something “more”. If I use this emulsion of #01 Light, I need to use double as regularly.

#02 Moist

I opened #02 Moist for my other half.

Emulsion 2

Benefique Emulsion 2

Can you see the difference?

This #02 Moist is more “Creamy” one. I reminded the sheet mask of “Mask Power Repair”, the essence is not this emulsion, I am sure, but I just reminded that.

My skin is smooth, but a little bit sticky then the other half of #01 Light. The quantity is also good for my half of my face.

This #02 Moist is my preference, but if I use this emulsion, I needed to use double! or I should better to apply this by my hands.

I got nice result: no sting, no itchy, just moisturized pretty well.

Just checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, some got itchy with this emulsion.

Please check the latest price, and order from here:”Shiseido Bénéfique Emulsion” or in JPY Branch