Yay! There are no sting from Shiseido Benefique Lotion with nice scent!

I got a sample bottle/ pack of Shiseido Benefique Lotion, what is insisting a brightening effect.

It including m-Tranexamic acid as a brightening.

There are three types, #01 Light, #02 Moist, and #03 Very Moist. They set changing as the season, #01 is for Summer, #02 is for Autumn & Spring, #03 is for Winter. But I guess you can choose your favorite as your skin condition.

What I got are a small bottle of #01 Light and a package of #02 Moist.

#01 Light



Shiseido is the very the brand, what are sometimes good, but it often not fixing to my skin. This is the reason why I rarely talk about Shiseido. Benefique is the line of better experience for me. But the “Light” type of lotions, what often give me a sting, they often add too much of Ethanol to give a cool sensation. That is too much! (When the brands with “organic” or something, they often add mint oils to give cool sensation, and it is worst, in person.)

This #01 Light, it is saying “with cool sensation”, oh no…

You may understand there is a reason why I hesitated to use 🙁

Shiseido recommends to apply lotions/ emulsions with cottons. But due to I had hesitated to use, I applied by my hands.

Really, really small quantity…


(Shiseido recommends to use cotton as this picture above)

On my palm, there are no “cool sensation”, I applied this on my face…. 🙂

NO PROBLEM! No wired “cool sensation” nor sting 🙂

The scent of formal (not made by essential oils, but artificial) is “warm”, and I know as the scent of Benefique. It maybe not lovely when I use at the humid summer, but it is not bad in Winter.

This is a light type, but I felt my skin is moisturized nicely.

I expected #02 Moist will be fit to my skin 🙂

#02 Moist

Because #01 was much much better than I had expected, I was excited to open a sample package of #02 Moist.

Benefique Lotion 2

I applied this by cotton, as Shiseido recommends.

Benefique Lotion2

The same smell, and no sting, the same as the #01 Light.

The texture is not pretty much big different, I guess this #02 Moist is a little bit sticky.

My skin was very moisturized. To write this review, I did not use anything after this lotion. My skin was smooth but moisturized 🙂 Guess it will be nice with light emulsion/ cream of small quantity.

Ah, brightening.
I do not know 😀

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