Kanebo Dew Superior Drop Dew Concentrate makes supple and brighter skin :)

Note: This product is already discontinued. There are no following product.

We often have order of Kanebo Dew Superior Drop Dew Concentrate.

One of the repeaters are Sarah of the States. We have asked her to review this product, and she was glad to do that.

Thank you Sarah!

I am someone who puts a decent amount of effort when it comes to taking care of my skin. For context, I am a female in her mid-20s living in America.

Despite being someone who has no literacy or understanding of the Japanese language, I like to frequent Japanese beauty sites for the latest trending skincare/beauty products as I’ve found Japanese skincare/beauty companies to be far more advanced in their approach to skincare compared to a lot of Western lines. With google translate ready in another tab, I translate what the sites say about products’ ingredients and reviews.

It was during one of these online forays that I discovered the Kanebo Dew Superior Drops.

I will confess that I am not too familiar with the other products in the Kanebo Dew Beaute line. But what drew me to the Kanebo Dew Superior Drops were a few key ingredients that I’ve read were beneficial for staving off aging, and they include coenzyme Q10, retinol, palmitic acid, and argan oil.

I don’t use these daily as they are rather expensive, and I’m still young. Instead, I use one of the drops once a week in a nighttime regimen. One droplet is more than sufficient to apply to my entire face, and a bit of my neck as well. The droplets contain a clear liquid that has a somewhat oily consistency. But it is not thick, and when applied to the skin, it does not feel heavy, and is able to be absorbed quickly.

I tend to have sensitive skin that can react badly to fragrances or “natural” ingredients. But with this, I always notice the day after using these droplets that my skin looks more supple and brighter in the morning. It has never made me break out or get a reaction (I’ve been using this product for a few years now). I highly recommend this product as part of anyone’s anti-aging skincare regimen.


Thank you very much!

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