Obagi Derma Power X Lift Cream is good for dry skin

I got a sample of Obagi Face Cream.

Obagi Derma Power X Lift Cream

This cream is harder. My skin is really drier due to the season, I need something oily products to protect my skin.

Obagi claims it lift your skin up. I feel my skin is supple, and it is not pretty much I need now.

Obagi X ceam

When I use something creams/ emulsions what insists they have an function of lift up, I often feel tight and it is not nice for me.

I found the scent is just wired. I had used some Obagi skin care products long ago, excluding the signature item of Vitamin C Serum, its scent is just wired. It disappeared soon, but not lovely scent for me.

On my skin, it was easy to get smooth. Because of the season, my skin is so dry, and the oily cream satisfied me.

I did not find anything tight. According to Japanese reviewers, when they applied the cream from the bottom of their face to up, some felt their dangle cheeks were pulled up.

The cream itself is nice, however the perfume is too strong, and even it is gone quickly, but not nice to apply.

If you have dry skin, and do not care about the scent, and looking for something lifting function, you may like this cream.

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