RMK Moist Cleansing Balm is one of the perfect makeup remover :))

I (Cherry) got a sample of RMK Moist Cleansing Balm, what is new makeup remover for SS2016.


Let me show you my review.

I found quite posh rose scent. As I often mentioned, perfumed products are not my preference, but I liked this.

RMK Moist Cleansing

It is quite melting. Can you see?

It is a time to show you removing my makeup.

  • RMK Primer
  • RMK UV Liquid Foundation
  • Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyeshadow Palette
  • SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick
  • THREE Eyeliner Pencil
  • Letters: Coffret Decorte Eyeliner Super Sharp

RMK Moist Clenasing Bal

The letters by Super Sharp, and the eyeliner by THREE, they are waterproof products, what are often hard to remove.

Let me do.

RMK Mist Clenasing B

Apply on your makeup, softly and gently massage, and wiped.

RMK Moist Clea

It was not so much quick, but I could removed well.

I often use those makeup removers on my bath time, not shower time, it is not the topic of Japanese Bath Time behavior, I do not discuss.

Because of our custom of behavior, we Japanese girls often use makeup removers with wet hands. When I used with my wet hands, it was quickly went to “emulsion”, it means it is not effective to use, that stage means rinsing the remover with your dirt.

Apply with you dry hands, and if you do not wipe by tissues like I did in this picture, you may rinse by mild water like I do often.

If you like wipe or rinse, I recommend to use face wash, because it is QUITE oily, I felt.

Totally to say, I liked this perfume, and happy with this perfect removing and its speed. If you are a person who are worrying makeup removers makes your skin drier, my recommend this this. For me, this does not make my skin more drier.

There are tons of bottles/ tubes/ jars of makeup removers now. I can not buy new makeup removers now, but they will be done someday, I will buy this jar for fulfill!

Please check the latest price, and order from here: RMK Moist Cleansing Balm, or in our JPY Branch!