Suqqu Pore Purifying Effector N is for pore care product :)

Recently, I (Cherry) feel my pore turn to black. Use honey and yogurt? Seriously speaking, I do not want to use foods itself on my skin, because there are many things including, and sometimes there are both effective and harmful for my skin. I do not force you to stop, just I feel its yeek!

Anyhow, my choice is Suqqu Pore Purifying Effector N.

I had used such items before, but it was not pretty good for me.

There are no perfume in this toner.

I applied it on my hands, and massaged softly on my face. My hands feel it gets mildly warm. Suqqu says massage softly for 30 seconds, but its depends on as you like, I am sure. Rinse well after the massage.

I was afraid that my skin turns to dry, but there are no problem actually. Seeing a mirror, I found there are many small holes on my face. It is because it removed most of my blackheads on my face.

The problem is that it is not good at shirking pore holes.

Totally speaking, I think it is good! It is a time to find he way to shrink my pore holes.

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