THREE Gentle Nourishing Scrub removes my old keratin gently

In this summer, I (Cherry) used this THREE Gentle Nourishing Scrub.

Let me show you this on my hand.
THREE Gentle Nourishing Scrub
There are white small scrubs in the transparent gel.

THREE Gentle Nourishing Scrub
The scrubs are not going out.
THREE Gentle Nourishing Scrub
It scrapes my old keratins gently. This gel moist my skin well.

There are no perfume. And of course I did not feel any pain. I often use it, once a week in summer. But in winter, my metabolism rate gets rower. I do not think it is good for my skin using those scrubs for my face so often.

But in winter, sometimes I feel my knees, elbows and heels are getting more drier and harder. I often use those scrubs for my body to remove old keratins. After using this scrub, I feel those parts are getting softer.

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