Ipsa Cleansing Marine Cake is a wired color, but not pretty bad face wash

Ipsa’s Cleansing Marine Cake is a face wash.


I (Cherry) am using this blue soap now. I share my personal review to you.

To be honest, I dislike this color. I wonder why they put such color on the soap?? And I do not think you can see from my picture, there are lames inside… Why?? I know they want us to image Ocean…

As the face wash soap, this is GREAT. I am happy to make foam quite easily, and the foam is not hard, but softer. I pretty like it. There are no blue color on the foam.

The smell is orange floral, quite thick one. I can relax with them.

It is the other bad point of this product that it gets pretty easy to melt down with steam. Please keep it with drier place in your bathroom.

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