IPSA Cleansing Oil EX removes my waterproof makeup super easy!

Review by Cherry

Ipsa Cleansing Oil EX is often ordered makeup remover is also one of the most ordered products.
I (Cherry) bought for myself, and share with you my review.

IPSA Cleansing Oil EX

I applied those items.

  • RMK Gel Creamy Foundation #102.
  • SUQQU Blend Colr Eyeshadow EX14 Momoawayuki
  •  Lunasol Full Glamour Liquid Lips
  • Mascara: Facio
  • Lunasol Blush
  • THREE’s Eyeliner Pencil.
  • Letters are written by Coffret D’or Eyeliner

IPSA Cleansing Oil EX

IPSA Cleansing Oil EX

IPSA Cleansing Oil EX

See how EASY TO REMOVE!!! THREE’s eyeliner is a waterproof, and Facio is also! I do not need to explain!!!

I know there are many number of people who are saying cleaning oil makes their skin drier. Hmm, my skin is dried, but I can not stop using cleansing oils, because it is pretty easy to remove my makeup. And cream removers or gel removers, especially gel removers often contain alcohol, I prefer oils more than alcohol.

It contains something herbal smell, but it is not strong, and some would not feel anything smell, I am sure.

We strongly recommend to use face wash after removing your makeup with this product.

Check the latest price, and order from here; “IPSA Cleansing Oil EX“.

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Example of shipping

In this product, there are no case/ boxes.

The weak point is the nozzle head. To protect the nozzle, we wrap really carefully.

Let me show you the example of the shipping.

IPSA Cleansing Oil EXIPSA Cleansing Oil EXIPSA Cleansing Oil EXIPSA Cleansing Oil EX

I suppose it is working! We have not have any of complaints for our packing the packing so far!