Shiseido Haku Active Melanoreleaser is a sticky toner

Shiseido’s Haku has good reputation as brightening item of affordable price.
They had sold emulsion look “essence” and sheet mask only for over a decade. They changed the policy and started to sell other products.

The way to use

There are also lotion, essence and emulsion in Haku brand.

According to Shiseido, the order to use is below.

  1. Haku Active Melanoreleaser (Lotion)
  2. Haku 3D
  3. Haku Inner Melanodefenser (emulsion)

Haku set

Review by Cherry

I (Cherry) bought a small bottle of Shiseido Haku Active Melanoreleaser, new toner. Anyway, let me share with you my review of this product.
HAKU Lotion

Shortly to say, this toner ( I am not describing this product as lotion) is a thick.

HAKU Active

I applied this product on my palm, I wanted to show you the color and how think this product. But Shiseido recommends to use this with cotton. Take this on your cotton, and wipe softly with circulating motion, so, I thought I should describe this product as “toner”.

Thick skin care items often sticky, but after applying this toner, it was far from sticky, just it moist my skin good level. This product is for brightening item, but of course I don’t feel my face is significantly bright only with this sample.

Oh, I forgot to tell you few things. At first sting. I often feel sting with those lotions, especially “brightening” and Shiseido products, but there are no irritation. And I also hate perfumed things, but I do not say this is a no perfume product, but it was acceptable level.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Shiseido Haku Line“.

Review by Hazelnuts of Philippines

My recent travel left my skin dry and one shade darker! I had to switch foundations because of the shade difference. Now that I’m back in my home country I aim to get back to my original skin color.

Cherry sent me a travel kit of HAKU whitening products. I decided to use the HAKU Active Melanoreleaser Lotion first. It says that it is a medicated brightening lotion with 4MSK (or tranexamic acid, I believe) as an active ingredient.

Haku Melanoreleaser

I’m not quite familiar with HAKU as the line is not sold here in the Philippines. But it’s a brand under Shiseido, which I’m quite fond of. I’ve used their White Lucent line for years, which I believe has the same active ingredient (but in a different formula for sure). That being said, I had no worries that it will turn out bad or will have a not-so-pleasant reaction on my skin.

I use this alone as I find this lotion to be rich. I do not feel the need to put a cream or moisturizer afterwards, as it leaves my skin sufficiently moist. The thick texture takes a while to be fully absorbed into my skin. There is no scent to this product.


I tried using it with a cotton pad as instructed, with the circular motions; I also applied it with my hands.

It’s been a week and I find that my skin is not as blotchy as before. The tone is more even now. I tried my regular shade of foundation today, and it’s working now! There is still a difference but it’s not as noticeable as before, and the dullness has disappeared.

I will definitely try using this with the emulsion and serum to see if it works faster!

No redness or bad skin reaction for me, but better check with the ingredients first to see if there are allergens which you may be allergic to, as everyone’s skin is different.

This is a good lotion for me, not quite as soothing as Albion Skin Conditioner (which is my first love), but Haku is also moisturizing and brightening.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Shiseido Haku Line“.