RMK Casual Solid Foundation — hmm, I prefer applying by the sponge

We like RMK products, but you may find we are not dealing their new emulsion foundation: Casual Sold foundation.

It is because of its style. Case, Brush, and 2 foundations. This is a full set. The system what we are using is not good at selling those products, especially we need to ask you 2 foundations.

I (Cherry) bought RMK’s limited store’s palette, and there are foundation of Casual Sold Foundation: 102 & 103.
RMK Casual Solid

RMK recommend to use 2 foundations as A and B. A is called as “base color” and B is called as “perl”. In this palette, there are only A “base color”. Seems B is a kind of highlighter.

Anyway, let me show you on my arm.
RMK Casual Solid
Can you see the shade difference? I guess you can see #102 is lighter than #103.

Let me blend on my arm. (I got a new cosmetic jargon of “blend”! Thank you Lukin!)
RMK Casual Solid
Sadly, in this photo, you can not see the difference between #102 and #103.

Both RMK #102 and #103 are standard shades for Japanese.

This is an emulsion type foundation. It is not runny, but compared with powders, it is easier to be running out. And some may feel oily too.

The brush I applied in this time is much smaller than the brush set in the original case. This is the biggest reason, but I thought it may be much better when I apply by sponge.

For me, this is not for Summer, it maybe for Autumn and Spring. I sweat pretty a lot in Summer. But when I will be stick in air conditioned room whole a day, it may pretty good for me. To buy whole new set? Hmm.

Wanna have that? Please tell us those things in this comment place. (it will be not opened)
1) Where are you from (it is essential to calculate the shipping fee.)
2) Whether you need the case and the brush or not
3) The shades of refills and quantity

The full set: 2 refills, case, brush, the price is more than USD100 (without the shipping fee)