Albion Excia AL EXTREME CHARGE SERUM MASK is a wonderful to boost but the price is not affordable

I (Cherry) went to travel with a sample of Albion Excia AL EXTREME CHARGE SERUM MASK.

Please let me review this mask.

It was really creamy mask.

So Creamy mask

I had tried some sheet masks, I like creamy masks like Benefique Mask Power Repair, and Fancl Whitening Mask. I was really excited to see this is also a creamy one.

I like Albion products so much, but there is one bad point: perfume. It is so true that our nose gets used to smells, and using Excia, my nose is getting used to the perfume of Excia.

I feel there are few difference between Excia AL Whitening and Renewing. When I apply Renewing Milk, automatically I remind Almond. This mask is also the smell of renewing: Almond.

It is the reason why I like Albion, especially Excia, that I rarely to get sting. I have a sensitive skin, and I often get irritated pain with skin care items. It was really good that there are also no pain for me.

Apply this sheet mask after your lotion, oops, Albion method is a little bit different from other Japanese Skin Care method, Albion is “Milk, Lotion and Cream”. When I used this sheet mask, I did not used anything serum or creams.

SO GOOD! As you know, it was a hotel room, and it is so dry. My skin was coming to drier and drier. This is the reason why I brought this mask. My skin is “charged” as moisturized. Great booster of my skin care.

They say apply this on your face for 5-10 mins. I do not recommend to apply more than 10 mins, it can make your skin drier with evaporation.

There are no record of the quantity of the serum/ cream of this mask, I felt this is really rich. I also need to note that it is a little bit oily for oily skin, I am sure.

See, the sheet after I used.


Finally I found the sheet was mesh. I could not expect when I applied this on my face! Even I rid of from my face. I often wipe my body with sheet masks rid off  (you do not do that? it is really good for moisturize my knees and elbows). Just before doing through away, I found it was mesh. Guess how rich quantity of the serum.

For me, I felt this mask is good for “charging” my skin moisturized. Just checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, I found some say “it gave me really supple skin!”. So far, I could not find the reviews of it gave bad effect.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Albion Excia AL EXTREME CHARGE SERUM MASK”, or order in our JPY Branch.