Fancl Whitening Mask is also wonderful sheet mask to moisturize, but don’t know about the brightening

I (Cherry) enjoyed my vacation, but it is not pretty much fun with staying hotel rooms where is super dry. I brought many sheet masks to keep my skin condition better.

Fancl Whitening Mask is one of them.

Fancl Whitening Mask


This was one of the products of Fancl Summer Kit. Seems this is the same with the regular Fancl Whitening Mask, but the package design is different from the regular item.

Anyway, let me show you this sheet mask.

Fancl Whitening sheet

As I remember, Fancl’s sheet mask was not this quality of the sheet. Richer sheets, and creamy essence. It seemed like as if Shiseido Benefique Mask Power Repair, what is the best sheet mask ever I used.

Benefique mask is QUITE good product, but I prefer no perfumed products. This is by Fancl 🙂 On the point of the perfume, I have no need to worry.

Yet it is also true that I tried Fancl Whitening line (formula of 2015), and I got sting by both lotion and emulsion. I was hesitated to apply this mask.

Oh. No problem! I felt nothing irritation. And my skin was really moisturized. Haha, of course I wiped my body especially knees and elbows with the sheet after my used 😀 You don’t do that?

I am not pretty much sure whether you can use it comfortably after make this sheet mask cool like Benefique. But for me, I felt nothing special with making Benefique cool.

To be honest, I do not know whether it made my skin brighten.

I prefer no-perfume products, but Benefique is not pretty much stinky for me. I may return to buy both this Fancl Whitening Mask and Benefique both!!

Please check the latest price from here: Fancl Whitening Line