IPSA ME Sensitive e 2 is no irritation even when my skin condition is super bad

IPSA changed their ME formula 2015 to 2016.

I got a sample of ME Sensitive e 2 (for Delicate and drier skin).

Let me share my review of this product.


Now, I am using IPSA ME Extra 2 for my daily use. (See also my review of ME Extra 2)

This Sensitive line is also “after your face wash, apply this by cotton, you do not need other things” thing.

I was just surprised to see this is quite runny.

I had satisfied with ME Extra 2, but to be honest, I am feeling this Sensitive e 2 make my skin more softer and I felt quite comfortable to use. There are no irritation with ME Extra2, but I felt Sensitive e 2 is better than ME Extra 2 for my recent condition.

It can be because I am in a period now. My skin is turning to really sensitive, often get acnes or super dry.

My skin afterward is quickly so smooth, ME Extra 2 makes my skin few mins sticky.

But to be honest, I need to tell you one thing. I felt I need to add something cream or oils after this. It moisturized my skin better, but I feel I need something oil too. Am I too poisoned by Albion? 🙂

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