SUQQU Gel Eyeliner Pencil 03 Navy (AKA EX02 Navy) is gorgeously dark and did not run out whole day

Note: It is returned as regular item, #03 Navy, on AW2016.

This SUQQU Gel Eyeliner Pencil EX02 is from SUQQU 2015 Christmas Makeup Kit B. This eyeliner itself is the same with A.

I hope you may find how thin it is.

SUQQU Gel Eyeloner

I have to tell you one thing. I needed to turn many times to use. And please pay attention, you can not make the eyeliner back to the holder.

The color is Navy. It is quite dark one.

SUQQU Eye Color Palette and Gel eyeliner EX02

How do you feel? I guess this is not pretty much fit to this eyeshadow: eye color palette EX04 Shisouori, of SUQQU B 2015.

Yet on my eyes, it is not seems line Navy, but black. I liked it pretty much, it mades my eyes bigger!! GORGEOUS!

Seems this is not a waterproof, but it did not run out for one day πŸ™‚

It is quite nice for me, and it was returned as regular item, #03 Navy, on AW2016.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: SUQQU Gel Eyeliner Pencil
In AW2016, there are so many beautiful items. The first is by SUQQU.

I (Cherry) bought an eyeliner, Gel Eyeliner Pencil #EX03 Burgundy.


This color maybe limited or seasonal.

I had thought this is more red, but actually this is more brown than I had expected. It is OK.

SUQQU Gel Eyeliner

But if you are a person who wanna have an eyeliner more red one, my recommend is ADDICTION Eyeliner Pencil #Lady of the Lake.


Both are so beautiful.

This SUQQU is waterproof πŸ™‚ I am always satisfied with this.

Please attention. You can not return the pen head to the bottom. This is one way.

Please check the latest price, and order from here:SUQQU Gel Eyeliner Pencil We do not know when we will stop dealing this.