Yakushido Sonbahyu helped my super damaged skin getting better

This is also what I used while my skin condition was pretty bad, and if you read my reviews often, you may know I often use Albion items. As I had mentioned as Albion method, I write “apply cream or something to wrap”. But you may also know I rarely buy full bottle of cream or so. I use Fancl’s emulsion to wrap, and this as my face cream.

There are some companies selling Bahyu (horse oil) this product, but I like Yakushido product. Maybe this is one of the original brand or something.
son bahyu
I buy this fat bottle directly from the company. It often takes really long time. In Japanese drug stores, you can find slim bottles from the same company. It is quite easy access, when you wanna have only one bottle. There are no spatula, so I prefer using fat and short bottles. The good thing is the big bottle mouth and short height to use.

They say the fatty acid of horse fat and human fat are nearly the same. I don’t know whether it is truth or not. So, they insist horse oils are good for human skin.

Let me apply on my back hand.
Yeah, it is really easy to fit.
Son Bahm on hand
Seems originally Chinese equestrian minorities used as ointment. You can use it into your mouth. It is good for lip balm too, but it is a little bit stinky.

This Bahyu is 100% pure horse oil, and it is because of that, it is a little bit stinky, and pretty easy to become smell like “old” things.

I need to use as soon as possible after I open it.

Some Japanese girls are using this as pre-lotion. This is quite affordable price. You know, we are using not pretty much cheap products, but we often mix with those affordable price, but good quality items.

Animal Fats and proteins are one of the prohibited items to be shipped by mails for some countries like Singapore (we pretty often ship items to there), this is the reason why we do not deal this as regular. If you wanna have this, please let us to do as custom order.

Please check by yourself to know whether Animal fats are banned or not in your country. We are going to write “Face Cream” as the shipping note. There are no lie! I use this as my face cream, as I had mentioned. When the officials of your countries would force to return to Japan or remove, we could not refund you. When you order us, we are going to check through Japan Post home page, but it is not meaning it is OK. Please ask us AFTER checking by yourself, and order us your responsibility. DO NOT ASK US WHETHER WE ARE ALLOWED OR NOT! That’s not our job. Thank you!

70ml Slim bottles are easy to get.
3 bottles: JPY8,000 without the shipping.

Shipping by EMS:
Asia: JPY2,000
USA, Australia & NZ: JPY2,500
Europe & Russia: JPY3,000

(The price will be changed.)