We have no plan to deal Kailijumei

Have you heard about Kailijumei? Recently we have asked to ship to some countries. It was not the first asking, I think it is the time to tell you that it is DIFFICULT to find authentic product.

Anyway, Kailijumei. As I remember, I had seen a picture on the twitter that someone bought pretty lips, which are dried flowers are planted in the transparent lip sticks, and this lady found this brand in Thailand. It looked SOOOO cute. When it is on your lip, the color is changed as depending on your lips PH.

Some Japanese are thinking it is Thailand brand, but actually seems it is Made in China.


Sadly, there are many of the fakes, and seems a Japanese official importer asked the brand to make a packages designed only for Japan.

We are not pretty much sure about this product, and it is far from a good pay for our work to learn. The authentic items will be good product (but seems there are not pretty good reviews for the quality as a lip), but seems it is difficult to have profit from this product.

Thank you very much for your understanding, in advance!