THREE Cheeky Chic Blush 05 is one of the best sellers in 2016!

There are some “sold out” products in this SS2016.

In THREE, Whisper Gloss Eyes, and this Cheeky Seek Blush #05 FEELING THE FLOW.

Whisper Gloss Eyes is already returned to the stores, but this #05 is not yet, we are not dealing this color now.

My sister found this THREE Cheeky Seek Blush #05 FEELING THE FLOW, by chance. She bought it for me.

The color is Red Bean/ Cassis, it looks much darker than Japanese girl’s preference.
THREE Blush 05

let me apply on my arm.

THREE Cheeky Seek Blush 05

I applied my arm a foundation of SUQQU. I will tell you later.

Can you see how posh, but cute!!!!!! I was in love with this Cassis color.

There are some sheer blushes in couple of years, they are good, but this blush is not sheer. Indeed you can control the depth by your stroke. See the picture above, the left is much deep, but the right is poshly clear. If you feel it is too deep for your preference, you can put quite few of your foundation, powder or liquid is easier, on your cheeks, you can make your face naturally fresh.

I could not show you on the picture, sadly, there are quite small glitters.

What a beautiful and lovely blush it is! I found the reason why the reviewers are giving this color quite high reputation.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “THREE Blush