shu uemura shu uemura the lightbulb fluid foundation glow is not for me.

I just got a sample of shu uemura the lightbulb fluid foundation glow.

Checking the release of new foundations AW2017, seems there is “lightbulb oil” foundation, and we are not sure whether this “oil” thing will take over this “fluid” foundation, so far we have no plan to deal this product regularly.


Anyway, let me share with my review with you.

The shade is #764.

the lightbulb 764


My apply and blend will be on the swatch picture.

From the top to the bottom,


(If you want to use our swatch pictures, feel free to ask us. We are glad to sell you, USD1500 per a picture, we will send you the original picture)

Anyway, let me back to the swatch.

The shade of THREE #203 is one torn pinkish of the standard shade of #764, and Petal #564 is a little bit darker than the standard, and the Lightbulb #764 is the standard.

However, when I blended, do you find any difference between three of the foundations?

In this picture, no. On my eyes, there are small, really small difference, the lightbulb is the lightest, the second is THREE, and the darkest is the Petal. And the Petal is the most matte, and the lightbulb is more sheer than THREE. However I also need to note that after one hour later, there are nothing big difference between these three parts.

Applying on my face

This lightbulb fluid is famous with the unique method that stamping on the face with unique shape of the sponge. Indeed I do not have such sponges, and I applied by my sponge.

In the swatch, I had thought this lightbulb is the most sheer of the three foundations, but to be honest, on my face, it is naturally matte finish, less glow. The coverage is middle, I felt. I guess because this #764 is the shade with more yellowish than my face, and it makes my face looks as if “doll” in bad meaning.

After one hour or later, it came to more fixed, I mean natural. It is nice that my preference is “natural”. I am not looking for radiant or glow, they often looks like shiny with grease in my eyes. It is not what I am looking for. However matte finish is also not what I am looking for.

There is one thing I need to note: perfume.

There are something smell in this foundation, and checking the ingredients, there is perfume. It is not easy to describe even in Japanese, it is faintly wired scent.


The lasting is not fair, unfortunately.

I am the person who has dry skin, and sweat really a lot in summer.

While I was in the air-conditioned room, it turned to naturally, and I was satisfied. I stayed more than 6 hours in the temperature/ humid controlled room, there are no sweat; simply I took pictures for reviewing, and writing the reviews, there are nothing I got sweat.

I saw my face, and sadly my foundation are run away.

Probably, this foundation is at least not for me in summer, however it can be changed when I use something primer. (I used ADDICTION sunscreen for my primer)

And if I used some other face powders, it can also changed.

Left over

I also need one extra note.

I applied this foundation over of the ADDICTION skin protector as the primer. Mostly Skin Protector is working pretty well with the any of the foundations, in my experience, but it will be bad.

When I applied this foundation, I got some left over.

When I applied on my face, there are no residue. Checking what Japanese reviewers are saying, for some people or for those who using some other skin care brands, they (I found some are people using shu uemura primers) got residue too.

Bottom line

I had used some samples. Neither full bottle nor trial bottles.

My experience is not lovely.

  • wired scent
  • poor lasting
  • residue

This foundation has good reputation, but as I often tell you that, “there are no perfect product for any of the person”. This is not for me.

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