Personal Review of Transino Medicated Whitening Repair Cream

Transino 3 days kit

Transino Whitening Repair Cream is a brightening night cream with Tranexamic acid.

I was a little bit excited to use Transino Whitening line, to “erase” my problem I got in this Spring. But sadly, both lotion and essence (cream) gave me sting. They are not for me. I was really disappointed that Transino (what they say this is designed for sensitive skin) is not fixing to me, I had thought this night cream also give me sting.

Transino whitening repair cream

This Repair Cream is for night. The essence was actually cream, and I thought this is also. No. This is.. hmm, a cream, but a little bit sticky and greasy. I just reminded Vaseline.

As my preference, it was too sticky to use, but that’s all. I had expected it would have give me pain, so, it was really good.

Checking what Japanese reviewers says, I could rarely find people got something strange by this cream. For someone, it worked well to make well moist and smooth skin, and brighter. But for the other, it was just a cream.

Sarah Says

I asked Sarah of Hong Kong to help review this.

Transino Cream

Japanese skincare is like a magic box- what I read may not be what I get.

This cream I tried out was in fact like a gel!

Honestly I was quite concerned because it looked nothing like what I had used before- it didn’t look like essence (the transparent kind from Europe), nor did it look at all like cream in the most  conventional  sense (usually white in colour-anyone knows what I mean?).

It feels all right and does keep the moisture. It might not be for me though simply because I’m not used to this texture.

And according to her,

On the whole set: Altogether the Transino set pleases my skin because it boosts moisture while giving a more cheerful, upbeat tone to the skin by brightening it. The feeling lasts, at least for me, for almost the whole day.

Thank you very much, Sarah! It is so wired for me too, it looks like an essence 🙂

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