Record of Lunasol Party Coffret



Seems all the package what we shipped Lunasol Party Coffret are delivered or quite near of you 🙂 It was really busy with shipping for us. I really like the term of “snowed under”, we were “cosmetics under” 🙂 It is so happy to see tons of beautiful and gorgeous products! Ah!

Anyway, let me show you the products 🙂
Lunasol 2015 Makeup Kit

To be honest, I dislike the poach.

Show you the detail.
Eyeshadow. So sweet! And pretty useful!

Lunasol Eeshadow
We were asked the makeup idea sheet by one of the repeaters. Yeah, as I remember 2014, there weas a makeup sheet, but in this year, there were no sheets.

I will show you about it in other article 🙂

Blush & lip

Lunasol 2015 Coffret lips&cheeks
Apply it on your cheeks or lips by your finger.


Can you see it?? This is a oval brush! I have used some mascaras in those makeup kits. They are straight, and  not waterproof.
How beautiful Bordeaux…

Lunasol Eyeshadow & Mascara

But you know, this is strong waterproof!

After I applied this, I used SUQQU Reset Cleansing Emulsion. (See also Personal Review of SUQQU Reset Cleansing Emulsion)

SUQQU Reset Cleansing Emulson --- not pretty much good at removing water proof

The letters were written by Coffret D’or eyeliner, what are often really hard to remove. It is (mostly) removed, but this mascara was remained! OH!

Ah, the gloss. Still there are some glosses, so, it will goes to one of the girls behind me, I did not tested 🙂

Makeup idea

There were no makeup sheets, but there was a guide on the bottom of a box. Could you find on your box?
Here you are.

Lunasol Eeshadow
I tried it on my arm, but I cut the section⑤. Because I was satisfied on ④ 🙂
Lunasol Coffret 2015 Eyeshadow makeup idea

I put an eyeliner, but maybe too much 🙁
Lunasol Eyeshadow

Cream Cheeks & Lips

This one.
Lunasol 2015 Coffret lips&cheeks

Applying this on my arm, I found it is really posh but cute. Showing to you, I applied it with heavier layer, as a blush it is stronger, but not pretty much tacky vividly.

But as a lip, this is too matte, seems still in this 2015, matte lips are out of date. So, I strongly recommend to apply your gloss on this product.

Beautiful isn’t it? The gloss is not by this Lunasol. This is by RMK from last years coffret. Because it was too much lame for me, I rarely used it. But in this situation, I feel it is really nice!!!!


Oops! I had perfectly forgotten to share with you this product.
Lunasol Party Coffret 2014

And beautiful eyeshadow!
Lunasol Party Coffret 2014

Wanna have it??
Sorry, this is already sold out!
Check “Limited & Seasonal” often!