RMK UV Powder Foundation has various shades (as Japanese foundations)

RMK UV Powder Foundation is a new item for SS2014.
I (Cherry) got a sample of this product, let me show you on my arm.

I applied a foundation primer, “RMK Creamy Polished Base N“ the color is 02. This under foundation has glitters.

RMK UV Powder Foundation

After I applied the RMK UV Powder Foundation, the color is 102, the standard color for RMK.
RMK UV Powder Foundation
Can you see the glitters? Maybe no. To be honest, I dislike my face is shining by glitters. I like semi-matte skin which is hard to make by cream/ liquid foundation.

I was so happy to see my arm is semi-matte with this powder foundation.

There are other good points which no perfume, and not pretty easy to deteriorate—at least March in Japan. The powder is enough small.

But I think it is weak as “UV Foundation” that is SPF30 PA +++!

Anyway, if you are looking for powder foundation, and your skin is much darker, paler, or pinkish than Japanese Standard color, try this foundation. Did you check the colors? There are 9 colors!

Please check the latest price, and color from here ;”RMK UV Powder Foundation“. Or order in JPY Branch!