THREE Balancing Lotion (Formula of 2013) is lightly hydrated lotion

Review by Hazelnuts (described in 2017)

hazelnuts of Philippines bought a THREE Greeting Skincare Kit . She wrote about THREE Balancing Lotion. Thank you Hazelnuts!

See how she felt.

THREE: natural/organic skincare

The weather is still pleasantly cool here, especially during early morning and night time, so I enjoy products that are more moisturizing than usual. As part of the THREE Greeting Skincare Kit which I got last year, I am pleased to share my thoughts on the THREE Balancing Lotion. I’m not very particular with chemicals in skincare, unlike others who tend to favor natural/organic ones, but I appreciate THREE’s aesthetic and approach to provide effective and natural skincare for everyone.

This lotion is made up of 91% organic ingredients, with essential oils such as marjoram, rosemary, sandalwood, and bergamot, among others—it also has apple fruit and rose geranium water. It’s meant to be used as a lotion or toner after washing the face, to bring back moisture, soften the skin, and prepare it for other treatments.

THREE Balancing Lotion

Makes my skin super soft, and

I have been using this for quite some time, for a couple of weeks already. This lotion is transparent, quite light, watery, and moist. I saturate a cotton pad and pat it onto my skin. It really makes my skin super soft afterwards!

Relaxing and smoothing scent

What’s more, I absolutely love the scent — it feels relaxing and soothing. I especially love using this at night, because the scent is just so calming. I have been sick for a few days and I love how the scent makes me feel a bit better. I feel that it helped with my recovery.

I understand though that fragrance in skincare is not for everyone, particularly those who are sensitive. Scents can be problematic for some people because they are considered as allergens sometimes. I personally have no problem whatsoever with this, so I appreciate this lotion very much.

Using this mostly at night

Also, because it is organic, I use this mostly at night, when my skin is in recovery mode. As I have mentioned I am not particular with chemicals or preservatives in my skincare, but there’s nothing wrong in using natural products, especially when the skin is repairing itself, just to ensure that it is properly nourished.

Because I have oily skin, this lotion makes my skin moist enough, but I still layer my skincare products anyway, to get the full benefit of all products. Thankfully, I did not experience breakouts or redness while using this lotion. It makes my skin soft and lightly hydrated.


Overall I highly recommend this to anyone who loves natural ingredients and to those who love relaxing, soothing scents as part of their skincare regimen. If you have sensitive skin, I suggest you try a sample first, because “natural” does not mean “mild.” You may want to test it out first, just to be on the safe side, and to see if the ingredients are too strong for you. As for myself I’m quite happy to use this and will probably repurchase!

Note by Cherry:

Thank you Hazelnuts! Sadly we do not have any stock of this sample 🙂 If you are feeling your skin is sensitive, it is not for you, I am sure!

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “THREE Balancing Lotion“, or “THREE Balancing Lotion in JPY Branch“.

Review by Cherry(described in 2014)

THREE changed the formula of Balancing Lotion on 2013. I (Cherry) got this mini bottle from THREE Special Kit 2013. And after that, I often buy this bottle for myself.

Let me show you my review.

It is winter now in here Japan. Japan is humid islands country, but in winter, it is drier even at here, Japan. I need something  which moist my drier skin.

When I open the cap, I found the perfume. The common perfume of THREE’s Balancing line; Orange and Rosemary. Unlike other products, this lotion has quite sweet smell, and less rosemary, I imaged honey and lemon. If you dislike sweet fragrance, I do not recommend this product for you.

This lotion made my skin well moist without any of sting. That is very important factor for me. I love soft texture of my face after applying this and THREE Balancing Emulsion.

I liked this lotion so much, I bought this full sized bottle.

Indeed, my sister visited me, and she also liked it, she took some to mini bottle and used. She does not have hay fever, but her skin turned to so sensitive in early Spring. She told me that this THREE lotion was no good for her skin while she was pretty sensitive.

Organic is not meaning mild. And there are no perfect cosmetics for any of the person.

Bottom line: As long as you like the sweet scent of  the lotion, and looking for a lotion which make your skin moist well, this THREE Balancing Lotion is one of the solution.

Please check the latest price, and order from here; “THREE Balancing Lotion“, or “THREE Balancing Lotion in JPY Branch“.