THREE Balancing Treatment Eye Cream does moisturize the eye area well

Hazelnuts of Philippines bought THREE Greeting Kit, and she is sharing her review with us. Thank you!

Just let you see some of the “Greeting Kit 2016” what Hazelnuts bought.

Greeting Kit 2016

And before reading her review, please remember this point.

THREE skin care line is with higher ration of “natural origin”, in this eye cream 93% is natural origin. However, natural is not meaning mild. If you have a sensitive skin, and this is an eye cream, applying the most sensitive parts of your face. If you are thinking your skin is sensitive, it can be harm for you.

Anyway let’s see how she felt.

Review by Hazelnuts

Eye creams are usually a hit or miss for me. My eye area is a major skin concern so I usually look for fancy ingredients that deal with firmness, wrinkles, dark circles and the like. THREE Balancing Eye Cream promises moisture and a “firm” impression, with massaging effects, that helps with circulation all over the eye area.

Argan and rosehip oils are present in this eye cream, and I think those two ingredients are notable. Argan oil is a very good emollient, while rosehip oil has retinol-like properties. Like other Three products, it has 93% naturally derived ingredients. Applying this product involves a bit of massage with the help of acupuncture points.

Eye Cream

This eye cream is a bit thick in texture, but it goes on light when applied, very emollient, and absorbs easily. It keeps the eye area moist, and helps concealer glide on smoothly.

I find this eye cream very basic, meaning it does moisturize the eye area well. It doesn’t help that much with dark circles and firmness, but perhaps long term usage might yield better results.

It works better when paired with the Balancing Treatment Eye Lotion, which offers additional moisture and softness.

There’s a slight fragrance as with the other products from the Balancing Line, but I find it faint and it does not interfere with the application. No stinging or redness in my eye area.

I would say this is a good eye cream for people in their 20s, who are looking for a good maintenance cream as a start, and those with little or no eye area concern except for dryness.

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