Albion Excia AL Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV is also perfect to smooth out my makeup mistakes

Every Summer, I  (Cherry) use Albion Excia Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV or Rich Milk SV. Both are wonderful products.

I do not want to spare my words about Albion’s method again, simply, their steps are 1 Wash, 2 Milk, 3 Lotion, 4 “Wrap”.

So, you need to apply this on your face just after your face wash. Albion recommends to use cottons. According to Lukin, an American girl, Albion cottons are unlike anything she had tried. See also: Albion Facial Cotton

It is the reason why Albion recommends to use this product that it “open” the route to pore your lotion, and with cotton, you can remove dirt left on your skin: not rinsed dust of face wash etc. But please do not misunderstanding, this is not a makeup remover. This product is moist your skin.

Albion Excia Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV? or Albion Excia Whitening Rich Milk SV ?

According to the BC of Albion, Whitening Rich Milk is for normal skin, and Whitening Extra Rich Milk is for dry skin, as same as Renewing Rich Milk is for normal skin, and Renewing Extra Rich Milk is for dry skin.

Let me compare them. According to Albion, their quantity is 3 pushes.

Albion Excia Milks

As I had mentioned many times, Albion milks are oily products. If you are prone of oily products, I do NOT recommend to use.

It is true that Whitening Rich Milk SV is much lighter than Extra Rich Milk.

Seems I did not find the significant difference between Renewing Rich Milk SV and Extra Rich Milk EV, but Renewing Rich Milk is less oilier.

Compared with Renewing Extra Rich Milk SV and Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV, I could not find the difference too.

Both, Whitening Rich Milk SV and Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV make my skin smooth quicker than Renewing milks, Whitening Rich Milk SV is more quicker, and less oilier..

I was amazed Extra Rich Milk is much harder than Rich Milk, and seeing renewing milks, and the Rich Milk was much harder.

You can choose as your favorite, up to your skin condition. It is really easy to spread on your face.

Me? It is really up to my skin condition. Usually I use one push. When I feel my skin is really dry, like when I was air conditioned room for whole a day, I use more than 3 pushes. But when I feel my skin is really oily, I do not use this milk. It is a little bit “heavy” when my skin is oily.

When I feel my skin is sensitive, whether I use this or not is up to my skin. It is because of my PMS, I do not use. I often get acnes in my period. I am afraid of this is too heavy. But when it is because my skin is too dry, I apply this with many pushes: 3 pushes, change cottons and another 3 pushes, change cottons 1 push, 1 push…

My skin condition is better, I feel. This is one of the reason why because of this milk.

In this spring, my skin was really dry, and too sensitive. I went to counters to check my skin condition on Spring, both water and oil balance are really bad. Few days ago, I went to a counter, and had a chance to check my skin condition (it is the first time in this 3-4 months), my water level and oil levels are quite good 🙂

Guess you can choose this milk as your favorite quantity, but if you find something white dust on your face, it means it is too much quantity for you.

Oh, this product is including perfume: hmm, some kind of oriental herbal? This is not from essential oil, but for me, it is acceptable.

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Review by Lukin in 2016

We gave small tube of this to Lukin of the States to review,  please see how she felt.

EXCIA Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV
My review for Albion Excia Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV is easy and fun because I really enjoy the product. The Whitening Extra Rich Milk feels wonderful when applied to the skin. I have tried using a cotton pad, as recommended, and I have tried application with my hands.

For me, it depends on the reason I am using the Milk. After I cleanse my face, I like to apply the Milk with a cotton pad. It feels so wonderful and very luxurious. The cotton pads that are common for Japanese are new to me in the USA. (I love them!) Anyway, the cotton pad smooths the Milk across my skin and product not is “wasted” by soaking into my hands. When I follow with the Lotion using a cotton pad, the order of product placement is obvious.

Because I am still learning about Japanese skincare, I finally understand that using the milk first and then following with the lotion “locks in” the moisturizing and whitening benefits of the milk. The cotton pads allow the products to penetrate your facial skin without your fingers rubbing too much or missing a corner or area of your face. That may sound silly to some people, but since I didn’t understand before, maybe my review will help other people understand better.

I also use this lovely whitening Extra Rich Milk when I am applying my makeup in the morning. Sometimes I am in a hurry and use too much powder or am not careful when applying concealer. The Milk is perfect to smooth out my mistakes. A tiny drop or two on my fingertips and I can “pat away” the cakey look of too much base product.

I have experimented by using the Extra Rich Milk without base makeup. I LOVE the way my facial skin looks after I apply the Milk and nothing else. It looks very supple and moist ? it does not feel “tight” like some “firming” products feel. However, I do need coverage for my sun spots and old blemish spots, so the ingredients to suppress melanin production are perfect.

Lastly, the Extra Rich Milk is for normal to dry skin. I believe there is a Rich Milk, which is better suited for oily skin. During the warmer, summer months, I needed a little less Milk. With the cold winds beginning soon, the Extra Rich is just what I need.

Bottom-line  I recommend Albion’s Excia Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV. It plumps my skin and leaves it feeling supple and soft.


Thank you Lukin!

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Review by Hazelnuts

03 excia al rich milk sv

This is Albion’s unique product which is designed to replenish skin’s moisture levels after washing, and is applied before lotion/toner.

I was skeptical with this because of the mineral oil content, and I was afraid of breaking out. But thankfully I didn’t experience any weird reaction while using this (and I’m still using it now!)

The moistness is just right, I apply less than the recommended amount (which is 3 pumps) to suit my skin’s moisture levels. I use cotton to apply this, and it doesn’t feel greasy at all and is absorbed quickly. I like the way my skin looks after applying this milk, because it completely eliminates dryness and I don’t have that “tight feeling” after washing my face.

Using Excia Whitening together

What I like about these products is how they work together so well. I’m exposed to UV rays all year round and even if I use sunblock, I need all the help I can get!

I could see how it brightened my skin after only a few uses.

When I try out new skincare products, my face would “adjust” and I get little bumps here and there, but I did not experience that with the Excia Al Whitening. It kept my face smooth and moist, and I love how bright my skin looks even without makeup. I highly recommend this line to anyone who wants to moisturize and brighten their skin.

Please check the latest price, and order from here:  Albion Excia AL Whitening Line

Selection Kit

Every March-April, Albion sells Albion Excia AL Whitening Milks with special kits (with less information ), and the price is the same with original.

This quite valuable kit is known for the Excia AL users, not not pretty much announced loudly. Basically, this is pre-order only. When you order this Excia AL Whitening Milk, as long as the stores have, we will send you this selection kit version. PLEASE DO NOT ASK US whether we can obtain this for you now. It is hopeless the order is after April.


Here is for me.

Excia Whitening Selection kit 2017SS2017

The makeup remover and the face wash is changed the formula. And the extra gift is a cotton & linen pouch. (just a cosmetic cotton box is the best, in person!)


Excluding the original  Whitening Milk, they are included for 2016. (In this picture, it is Whitening Rich Milk SV, of course there are Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV package!)
Albion Excia AL Whitening Kit
・Circulating Watery Cleansing Cream 20g (Makeup Remover)
・Circulating Essence Foam 20ml (Face Wash)
・Whitening Rich Milk SV 35g (Emulsion)
・Whitening Lotion SV 35ml (Lotion)
・Whitening Eternal Stem Nova Cream 5g (Face Cream)
・Hair band


Below is a kit for 2015. See, There is Extra Rich Milk 🙂


Please check the latest price, and order from here:  Albion Excia AL Whitening Line

I often compare these milks with other products. Please see also them.