Ignis VQ BRIGHTENING FOAM N is a gentle face wash with wonderful scent

Ignis VQ BRIGHTENING FOAM N is a face wash.

The bigger tube in the picture.

ignis kit

When they released the kit, I was really glad to obtain, because I had used its sample, and I was satisfied with it.

Let me (Cherry) share with you mu personal review of this product.

Oh it was a cold day. May palm is so red… Anyway, the full bottle is tube style.

Add water to make bubble.

VQ Wash

It is so easy to make rich bubble. When I add mild water, it was more and more rich bubble I could make. touch softly and gently.

The perfume is the same as makeup remover. I like its herbal scent.

After I rinsed my face, I felt my skin condition was good. Well moist. Neither tight nor dry afterward of washing.

Just let you know the new one.

Ignis VQ

Yes, there is a seal πŸ™‚

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