Shiseido Haku Inner Melanodefenser is oilier, and no sting

I had reviewed HAKU Lotion & brightening essence before, but seems I have perfectly forgotten to review for Inner melanodefenser, emulsion. I bought a trial kit, and let me finish the review of Haku products.

HAKU by Shiseido is one of the most famous and common products for brightening in Japan. This emulsion is new for SS2016 under HAKU brand.

HAKU Inner Melanodefenser

Unfortunately, I often feel sting from brightening items and some emulsion, and they are the reason why I had not reviewed this product. Recent few days my skin condition is better (as the season of Spring), I was hesitating to use this.

HAKU Inner

This emulsion is oilier. It has perfume, but it is not pretty much strong (as Shiseido).

Shiseido recommends to apply those items by cotton, but to be honest I prefer applying by my hands. There are many quality cottons, but it is also “scratch” my skin.

Anyway this emulsion.

It is oilier than I had thought, but compared with milks in Albion, this Haku is not pretty much oily product.

This emulsion is for the final step of the routine, and I felt it moisturized my skin well, without sticky.

Sting — due to my skin condition is better now, and I do not feel anything irritation.

Brightening — I do not see that. My problem is partial spots or uneven skin tone. I think I need something special care, like Haku 3D, not the products what spread whole of my face like this emulsion.

The way to use

There are also lotion and emulsion in Haku brand.

According to Shiseido, the order to use is below.

  1. Haku Active Melanoreleaser (Lotion)
  2. Haku 3D
  3. Haku Inner Melanodefenser (emulsion)

Haku set

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Shiseido Haku Inner Melanodefenser, or in JPY Branch