KOSE Predia Fango Double Cleanse

I recently got KOSE Predia Fango Double Cleanse, a makeup remover.

My makeups are below.


The “Fango” makeup remover has odd shade of bottle, and it is truly the color of the Fango cream, it can be from sea dirt and seaweed.

It has perfume, and while my traveling, I did not use perfumed makeups and skincare products, I feel the artificial scent is not nice.

Anyway, the removing. It removes (almost) completely. After 3-4 times touching, it left the lipstick (not waterproof), THREE eyeliner (waterproof) , and the letters (super waterproof). Indeed after my 7-8 times touching, it removed (almost) completely. After that I rinsed my arm by water.

On my face, I did not feel anything irritation and dryness. “Double Cleanse” means, you have no need to use your face wash after this makeup remover. But in person, I felt it was really oily afterward of rinsing. I used my routine face wash.

Please check the latest price, and order from here : “KOSE Predia”.