Comparing Albion Exage White White Pure Milk VS Infinesse White Whitening Milk IA

We chose “First White Kit” what is including Exage White White Pure Milk #2 and Skin Conditioner Essential, for our Japanese Girl’s Beauty Box May 2016.

Sadly there was #2 only.

Let me compare Exage White White Pure Milk and Infinesse White Whitening Milk IA.

White Pure Milk #2 VS Whitening Milk IA

Seems #2 is the best seller among Exage.

Albion Exage VS Infinesse

Both are quite runny, and different scent but stronger perfume 🙁

Applying them on my skin, I felt both are easier to get smoother, and I liked the lighter texture. I say they are lighter, but I never say they are not oily. They are truly oily products, and if you are an oil prone, I never recommend to use Albion.

Infinesse White is for brightening and supple skin, to be honest, I do not know.

Just compared with Exage White #2 and Infinesse White, I felt Exage #2 is significantly lighter and quicker to be smooth.


Whitening Milk IA VS Pure White Milk #3

Albion Exage Pure White & Infinesse White

Hmm. To be honest, I could not find any difference between Infinesse Whitening Milk IA and Exage White Pure White Milk #3.

I guess you can choose them on the view point of perfume.

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