Personal Review of Shiseido Bénéfique Hydro Genius

Shiseido released a new essence/ emulsion, Shiseido Bénéfique Hydro Genius, 1st of Sep, 2016.

I bought a bottle, so please let me share with you how I felt about this product.

Hydro Genius

I have trouble on my skin during seasonal changes. It often happens to Japanese, because we are living in a place where there are 4 specific seasons. The problem is usually in Spring or Autumn, but it is in the transition, especially when Winter turns into Spring, or Summer to Autumn, that my skin becomes more and more? sensitive. It is Early Spring that is the worst season for me.

I need to keep my skin moist for sure.

When I heard that this product keeps the skin moisturized and is good for changing seasons, I jumped to grab it as soon as it became available.

Taking this serum/ essence on my palm, I smelled a faint fragrance. I prefer the scent of essential oils, and this is not like that. Shiseido often uses stronger perfume in their skincare, but I do not hate the scent of Benefique. I knew that with repeated use of Mask Power Repair. (See also Personal Review of Shiseido benefice Mask Power Repair)

My skin sometimes does not agree with Shiseido products so I’m hesitant to use them. Fortunately, there is no pain for me when I use this. It is really good.

The way to use this item is as follows :

  1. Lotion first
  2. Hydro Genius
  3. Your preferred emulsion/ cream etc.

My regular line up for skincare are mainly Albion products. But in the morning, (and I guess most of you will agree with me), that there is little time to care for my skin well. The Albion method is good, but it takes time to do it.

For morning care, I often choose Fancl Lotion and Emulsion. They are great, but I also have less time to do the Fancl method.

So I choose IPSA – I need to use only one bottle of ME. IPSA ME is also a great item, and there are several ME bottles. But my skin condition is “changing” everyday, so I cannot buy all ME bottles! (See also: Personal Review of IPSA ME Extra 2)

Although Fancl and Ipsa are great, they are too ordinary for me. I need some new “wow” factor in my skincare!

After my face wash, I use Hydro Genius. I take this on my palm directly as in the picture above, spread it on my palms evenly and wrap it on my face to apply. Then I use IPSA ME, or other items.

You may also change skincare products depending on your skin condition, as I do. With this Hydro Genius, I can control it depending on my skin’s needs.

When I feel that I want to make my skin watery and moist, I choose Hydro Genius a lot. When I feel that I want to add oils, I do not use Hydro Genius but go for Albion milks and creams instead. When my face is oilier (my skin condition changes from super dry to partly oily in this season), I simply use Hydro Genius (but the quantity is a lot), and put Albion cream on drier areas.

It is almost the end of September, and my skin condition is not pretty bad. I cannot say it is quite good, but because this is supposedly a difficult season for me, I am thinking that my choice of the Shiseido Benefique Hydro Genius is a correct solution for my skin.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Shiseido Beneique