Albion Whitenista Foundation is with brightening factor

Albion released “Whitenista” Foundation for SS2019, brightening factor of Tranexamic acid is included.

How I felt

I got samples of #040 and #050, the standard shades for Japanese.

The shades of #050 is a little bit tanned shade than #040.


Hope it helps.I need to note that #050 is thick layer than #040, but guess it is hard to see the difference on the picture above, the boarder is the letters. In my eyes, I felt #050 is a little bit darker, but guess I would not surprise that once it might be treated as the same shade zone in different products on the same line.

The coverage is medium I feel. On my face, I feel the texture is light and less oily, and the finish is natural. Some brightening products can be harmful for those who has sensitive skin like me, I hesitated to use, but there are no sting/ irritation, fortunately.

As you know, there is perfume what is unacceptable for my preference. This is not for my use.

The lasting is not good as I had thought. I walked for more than 2 hours in winter sunny day. I found there are no foundation factors after my return. On the next day, I wore heavier layer, and after 1 hour walking under the sunny sunshine (but still it is early spring to late winter), no sweat, I found my makeup was not changed.

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With Smart Skin White Rare

Recently I also got a sample of Smart Skin White Rare, the shade is #02, what is also the standard shade for Japanese.

White rare

I had applied the border of the #040 and #050. Guess in this picture, you may feel #040 is significantly lighter, but it can be because of the layer and lighting.

I need to admit that the White Rare layer is thicker than even #050. Indeed #02 of White Rare is more darter than #050.

With Lancome Tient Ultra foundation.

Albion Lancôme

Guess Lancome #BO-02 is quite similar to Albion #040.

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