Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes EX02 is beautiful, just beautiful

This beautiful eyeshadow is from Lunasol Summer Kit 2016.
Lunasol Three Dimentional Eyes

Let me show you the swatch.

Lunasol Eye

Oops, to be honest, I could neither show you A, nor the difference of B & C.

In my eyes, A and D were 3 kind of glitters each, and the quantity of glitters were different. Just compared with Skin Modeling Eyes #01 Beige Beige, I liked that, but I prefer this Three Dimensional #EX02, this one is MORE small glitters!

B & C are a little bit different. Beautiful eyeshadow!

This one is limited, and there are regular of THREE Dimensional Eyes.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: Lunasol Quad Eyeshadows.