Awake The Milky Day Cleansing Milk is gentle for your powder makeup

Awake is one of the most ordered skincare brands for us.

In Feb 2018, Awake changed the formula, and they have discontinued Awake Mineral Hot/ Cool Cleanse or so, and now Awake The Milky Day Cleansing Milk is one of their makeup removers.

I bought a sample trial kit of Awake, and let me show you how I felt.

This Cleansing Milk is the very emulsion, it can be a little bit harder, and I just reminded Albion Infinesse Milk.

Awake is quite good at using scent of nature. In this formula, the scent of herbal is quite nice and let me feel be relaxed. In Mineral Cool Cleanse, they used the peppermint, and I felt QUITE annoying sting and irritation on my lips and eye area by peppermint essential oil, what they insisted “cooling” factor. Disgusting and disappointed!

But in this formula of The Milky Day Cleansing Milk, there are no such silly “Cooling” things, this is the reason why I can use.

I recommend to use your face wash after of this makeup remover

My makeups are below:

  • Foundation Primer: SUQQU Treatment Primer
  • Foundation: Lunasol Cream Foundation & Glow Liquid Foundation
  • Colors: SUQQU Liquid Blush
  • Letters: Coffret D’or Super Sharp

Awake cleansing milk
(It was a warm winter day in warm room, but when I took this picture, it got cooler and got gooseflesh.)

On the first touch, the milk does remove NOTHING. After few touches, it start removing, but finally it could removed mostly, but the blush was left.

According to the Awake, they insisted you have no need to double wash/ cleanse, in other words you have no need to use your face wash after of this makeup remover.


I NEEDED to use my face wash.That’s my routine, and there are no problem of doing.

Or, I strongly recommend to use your point-makeup-remover things.

Cleansing Milk — it can be not bad for your light makeup

I like cleansing oils or creams as makeup removers, which are so easy to remove my makeup.  But I know some would say it would make my skin drier. Maybe it is true.

Indeed Cleansing Milk, they are bad at removing, as I had shown in the picture above.

However afterward of this makeup remover, I felt my face condition is not bad.

When you are wearing waterproof, or fully made your face up, guess this makeup remover is not enough.

When your makeup is powder only, guess this cleansing milk is gentle and good for your makeup remover.

Check the latest price, and order from here; “Awake Makeup removers and face washes”.