Awake Mineral Black Deep Clear Mask moisturized my skin well without feeling of “filmed”

I got a sample tube of Awake Mineral Black Deep Clear Mask, a scrub mask.

Awake Mineral Black Deep Clear Mask

The way to use

It is unique isn’t it?

  1. Apply this mask on your face for 1-2 mins
  2. Massage gently

Moisturized well

Anyway, let me share my review with you.

I show you my hand as the example.

The paste is black gel kind with white scrubs.

I applied it on my face for 1-2 mins, and please avoid your eyes and lips. Indeed I used it in my bath time (it is not the topic of Japanese bath style), and because of the sweat, I had been afraid of it will be dropping on my eyes or lips.

To be honest, Awake is nice, but it is often too strong for my super sensitive skin. Yes, natural is not always meaning mild.

The scent is typical cypress, but I did not feel anything irritation, and it was dropped to my eye area and lips, but there were also no irritation.

I kept probably less than 2 mins on my face.

I just massaged really gently, and rinsed well.

I was satisfied with the finish. I know some scrubs giving “moisturized” feeling, but I often feel as if it covers  my face by films. It is not my preference.

I felt my skin was “moisturized”, but it could be by oil or something. I did not feel “filmed”.

If you are looking for something scrubs, it can be one of the solutions I can give you.

Please check the latest price, and order from here: “Awake Masks”.