THREE Balancing UV Protector is an organic sunscreen

This THREE Balancing UV Protector is also one of the kit of THREE Travel Kit 2013.This Sunscreen is not mini or trial, this is the full size.

I (Cherry) would like to share with you my review of the THREE Balancing UV Protector.

THREE Balancing UV Protector

This sunscreen is a white cream, just like a typical sunscreen, although the cream is a little more elegant when compared to Western sunscreen counterparts.

It smells wonderful, which is especially hard to find in sunscreens. It smells of rosemary and oranges, just like the rest of the THREE Balancing skincare line. It’s a very sophisticated and elegant scent. But don’t worry, the scent doesn’t last long once you’ve applied bit.

Some sunscreens make my face turn white, which I really dislike. The good thing about this sunscreen is that it does not turn my face into a ghost.

THREE Balancing UV Protector

It also doesn’t leave an oily residue, which is great. It’s incredibly hard to find elegant sunscreens, but I find this one has a wonderful texture. It also has a UV rating of SPF 30 and PA +++, which is excellent, although I do prefer a SPF 50 and PA ++++ sunscreen.

I know there are some organic sunscreens blend heavier layer. If you spread this sunscreen on your face with heavier layer, you will find lots of white dusts on your face. Please spread thinner layer not to get those dust.

But, there is one problem. If you have drier skin, this probably isn’t a sunscreen you can wear all year round. When I wore this in a dry climate, it made my skin feel drier. So if you have dry skin, I would stay away from using this in dry climates. But, when I used this in a humid climate, it performed well. I was sweating a lot, but this sunscreen held up well. Although, just a precaution – if you are sweating a lot when you wear sunscreen, make sure you reapply, otherwise you won’t get enough protection. But, I think it performed best when it wasn’t too dry or humid.

Bottom line: It’s an excellent sunscreen that smells lovely and has a great texture. Everybody should be able to use it and wear it comfortably, but drier skins might want to avoid using it in drier climates.

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(Proofread by V)